KMF Flies

KMF Flies: "Tied With Pride" Custom Orders On Request (since 2000)

KMF Flies was conceived in 2000 for professional orders. The company started as a small business when tier and angler Keith (Kip) Lowrie at age 15 after tying for a few years decided to create a small tying business which he called Kip's Fly-Tying Mastery. Business cards were made and while in Glen Arbor, MI a few orders and customers were established. The name changed over years later to Kip's Master Fly and then to its present name of KMF Flies. KMF Flies is a branch of KMF Productions and believes in providing High Quality Flies at affordable pricing American "Tied with Pride". KMF Flies is an authorized manufacturer and wholesale and retail supplier. KMF will continue to update its available flies and will continue to provide anglers, stores and Guides with high quality tied flies for years to come. Thank you for visiting KMF Flies...."Tied With Pride!"

  • Dries
  • Nymphs
  • Terrestrials
  • Streamers
  • Eggs
  • Specialty Flies
  • Salmon Nymphs/Streamers
  • Steelhead Nymphs/Streamers
  • Trout Nymphs/Streamers
  • Warm Water Flies: (Bass, Carp, Pike, Panfish)

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